Ketogenic Coaching

We provide coaching for all stages of your ketogenic and low-carb high-fat (LCHF) journey. Our plans are designed to help you transition safely into ketosis for effective weight-loss, maintenance and optimal health.

Health Management

Health Management aims to prevent disease by minimising its sources. DNA is just 5% of the story. Empower yourself with the knowledge and strategies to take charge of the other 95%. Health is wealth. We'll help you protect it.

Nutritional Therapy

You are unique and many factors such as DNA, gut health, intrauterine life, microbiome and lifestyle affect your gene expression and your disposition for health, or certain ailments. Work with us to to identify and suppress risk factors while optimal health.

Training & Courses

If your interest in health sciences transcends the high-level information shared within the public domain, consider enrolling on one of our practitioner courses and empower yourself the the knowledge to heal yourself and loved ones, or even start a new career.

Fitness Training

Modern life leaves little room for endless workouts in the gym. Our training programmes are designed to maximise your efforts and extend after-session burns to shape your body and obtain desired fitness levels

Food Delivery

Eating whole foods is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Can't cook, won't cook? We'll deliver delicious ketogenic meals to your home, or office to help you sustain your healthy lifestyle when life gets hectic

Product and Service Sourcing

Access to good-quality products and services that support your ketogenic lifestyle is crucial. We have done the work and can help you source good-quality keto-approved products and services to support your lifestyle

Recipe Development

We work with pro-active food businesses to develop new products for clients with dietary requirements and the health-conscious who desire healthier alternatives without compromising on flavour and taste

Corporate Wellbeing

The cost of staff absence runs into the tens of billions in the UK alone. Our corporate packages are a toolkit of proven strategies for Optimal Health, focusing on prevention to help your super-charge your workforce

Events and Talks

If you are an event planner looking to book a nutritional talk with a difference, our interactive and thought-provoking talks, which feature presentations, demos and food tastings are always well-received

Business Directory

Our business directory puts you in the frame and provides exposure for your business services to the thousands of people looking for professional services providers that understand the ketogenic and holistic lifestyle


Community is crucial to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. We are affiliated to a number of thriving ketogenic diet and lifestyle support groups and communities.

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