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‘Harness your relationship with your body, mind, soul and spirit’

You are unique. Your health and predisposition towards certain conditions are determined by many factors, including your genes, your intrauterine life, gut health, and lifestyle. Your approach to health should be equally unique.

It was not uncommon to hear people discussing ‘bad genes’, or even ‘good genes’. The human genome project in the ’90s and identical twin studies have shown how people with identical genes can have different gene expressions and health outcomes.

These discoveries present both good and bad news. The good news is your DNA is no longer a ‘sentence’ or a guarantee of good health. We are in control of harnessing our relationship with our bodies, minds, and spirit in order to better understand how we interact positively or negatively with people and the world around us. We are firmly in the driver’s seat and the creators of our health story.

However with the increasing levels of toxicity in our environment, the pressure and stresses of modern day life, modern-day farming practises, the over-availability and popularity of enzyme-deficient foods and the rise in non-communicable diseases, the bad news is, this may all seem a little overwhelming and exacerbated by the conflicting health news in the public domain.

This is where we come in and how working with a professional who believes in a personalised approach to your health and well-being can make the difference between good, or compromised health. Nutritional Therapy is a client-centric approach to your well-being that takes into account factors such as your biochemical makeup, oxidative stress, defence and recovery, and lifestyle. Together, we’ll help you navigate the maze of risks and conflicting information, identify and manage ‘red flags’ to mitigate and prevent chronic disease and develop programs that promote optimal health, longevity and enhanced quality of life.


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