Important Announcement: Fraud Prevention Warning!

Happy New Year All!

Normally at this time of year, we would be looking to send out an auspicious message wishing everyone a happy New Year and the best for the coming twelve months. Sadly, our message this year addresses a more serious matter.

Around the Christmas period, we welcomed a new member to our growing team with great excitement about their ability and the value they would bring to the business. However, two weeks into their employment, it was brought to our attention that they had falsified documents, including a contract of employment using the CRUDOLIFE logo and was offering sham jobs to people.

We took immediate action by dismissing the person and contacted everyone we knew they had been in touch with during their short tenure to inform them of what happened and that they no longer worked for, or represented the company in any way. We also warned of the risk that they may be persuading people to work for them and then ultimately step away at the time of payment. Sadly we received confirmation of that just this morning.

This message is intended to warn and hopefully, prevent any further incidences of fraud and misconduct by the person. If you have been affected or have any concerns regarding the situation, get in touch at and a member of the team will be happy to assist.


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