Last night was a lot of fun with great food..!

We were pleasantly surprised by how well the first LCHF / KETO Social went last night. There was a nice turn-out. The food was amazing and the delicious LCHF drinks were well received. The venue was fantastic and the Landmark provided the impeccable service for which they are renowned.

Although the projector decided no to play ball, we still managed to give a short presentation about the lifestyle, how to get started and stay on track and the importance of having and being part of a community of like-minded people. Many stayed well beyond the published event end time, some exciting new connections were made and the feedback received so far has been positive. In all, it was a lovely evening that we hope to continue running.

For those that were unable to join yesterday, there will be another opportunity to attend next month when you will get a chance to win some excellent low-carb treats, but also some hacks to get you underway.

New to LCHF and need extra support? See our upcoming LCHF / KETO Made Easy challenge which offers online convenience, 28-day meal, exercise and supplement plans and dedicated support all for the price of less than a coffee a day. For those who are new to LCHF, this plan supports a healthy transition from sugar-burning to fat-burning and accelerated weight loss of up to over 20 lbs over that period of time. We are offering a time-limited offer of 12.5% off. To take advantage of this offer, reserve your space by purchasing your ticket here.

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