Up for a challenge?

Lose up to 18lbs with this interactive online 28-day ketogenic challenge. This program is designed to support healthy and sustainable weight loss over that period.
The amazing benefits of a well formulated low carb high-fat lifestyle are well documented and include weight loss, decreased anti-inflammation and a reduction metabolic syndrome risk. This boot camp will teach you how to get started, what to eat, understand what to expect and allow you to enjoy real foods you might have otherwise ruled even out on a busy schedule. You will learn how to support your body to get and stay healthy and well nourished for healthy and effective weight loss – no diet pill in sight!

You will also meet other lovers and followers of the ketogenic lifestyle, find out how and why they got started, share your challenges pictures and recipes and make new friends.

The boot camp includes a 28-day meal plan and dedicated support for managing challenges such as the keto-flu, plus practical tips and tricks for staying on track, pushing past plateaus, intermittent fasting and understand the benefits of LCHF beyond weight loss, supplementation, detoxification and other money saving tricks and tools to fast-track your journey and maintain your results. Register here!

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