Sleep paralysis

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Kendall Jenner showed us a bit of love after this piece we wrote about sleep paralysis. She had just disclosed her struggle with the condition.

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Sleep paralysis is a ‘transitional state between wakefulness-sleep, characterised by an inability to move muscles’. It is often accompanied by a feeling of dread and exacerbated by a tremendous weight bearing down on you – with many people reporting the presence of (often supernatural) entities pinning them down, or lurking around – Terrifying!

Although the episodes last just a few minutes while your body catches up to the brain, they can seem like a lifetime.

Sleep paralysis has been linked to numerous conditions, including ‘narcolepsy, migraines, anxiety disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea’. Other risk factors include: certain sleep positions, insomnia, sleep deprivation, erratic sleep schedules, stress, stimulants, physical fatigue, genetics and certain medications.

Kendall is a young busy model with a hectic travel schedule. The likelihood is that erratic sleep patterns, stress and some anxiety are the culprits. In which case, some minor life changes to restore regular sleep patterns and reduce stress should do the trick.

Most people will experience sleep paralysis at some point in their lives and if you have, do not panic. You are not alone. Attempt to make some lifestyle adjustments to reduce stress and anxiety in the first instance.

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