76 Compelling reasons to avoid sugar

We came across this rather disturbing piece about the 76 ways in which sugar can adversely affect your health presented in four broad categories: Continue reading “76 Compelling reasons to avoid sugar”

Invitation to social event

You are welcome to join us as the LCHF Made Easy Social taking place in London in January! Come along and Continue reading “Invitation to social event”

Up for a challenge?

Lose up to 18lbs with this interactive online 28-day ketogenic challenge. This program is designed to support healthy and sustainable weight loss over that period. Continue reading “Up for a challenge?”

The doctor of the future

When it comes to your health, don’t just follow advice on what you should and shouldn’t do. Find out why. Sign up to our mailing list to receive regular Continue reading “The doctor of the future”

Join the low carb discussion

Join our LCHF / Ketogenic Lifestyle Made Easy group to meet other people who follow a LCHF lifestyle for weight loss or Continue reading “Join the low carb discussion”

Sugar and your immune system

White sugar

If I offered you £100 to switch off your immune system for six hours, would you accept? I bet I know what the answer is, but it may surprise you to know Continue reading “Sugar and your immune system”

Grounding for better health

I recently discovered the therapeutic benefits of grounding and excited to try out the Pluggz flip-flops! What is grounding I hear you ask. Continue reading “Grounding for better health”

Rosemary the wonder herb

Bunch of fresh, organic rosemary herb

The herb Rosemary, which is also known as ‘Rosmarinus’ has powerful therapeutic properties that are often overlooked. Here is a summary of Continue reading “Rosemary the wonder herb”

Food Colours

Food colours – red and blue

Pretty vibrant colours give life to some of our favourite foods. In recent times, food colourings have had a bad rap, but rather than demonising all of them, it Continue reading “Food Colours”

Sleep paralysis

Kendall Jenna | Source: Wired Image

Kendall Jenner showed us a bit of love after this piece we wrote about sleep paralysis. She had just disclosed her struggle with the condition. Continue reading “Sleep paralysis”